Just Love {Prints}

Hello, friends!! This summer has truly been one of interacting with beauty in many different means. I've met beautiful people, I've seen beautiful places, and I've encountered beautiful artwork. If you've seen my Instagram, you know that one of the beautiful people contributing to this artwork is Lindsay Trezza. Lindsay started a company called Just Love … Continue reading Just Love {Prints}


Beautifully Epic

Tonight, I was going through a photo album I received for Christmas in 2016. On the front of the album, I wrote something that struck me as I re-read the words I wrote almost two years ago. I read, "I want to document memories: good and bad. Life is sooo beautiful and quite frankly, I'm … Continue reading Beautifully Epic

Hail Mary

It's as I sit here, aching to grow closer to my Savior and feeling so very distant these past weeks, that I read the readings for today and it dawns on me what a joyous occasion it is! How beautiful is it that in this blur of graduation, summertime, vacation, camps, and other miscellaneous activities, … Continue reading Hail Mary