“You are the delight of My Heart; from today on, every one of your acts, even in the very smallest, will be a DELIGHT to My eyes, whatever you do. Now imagine Jesus saying that to you. Close your eyes and truly imagine the Lord saying that to you with all his mercy, gentleness, and understanding. … Continue reading Delight


This year I've been surrounded. Surrounded by new people. Surrounded by new beginnings. Surrounded by amazing opportunities. Surrounded by adventure. Heck- I moved to a whole new College has been no joke (hence the lack of writing...whoops). The adjustment wasn't all smooth sailing, but I've finally found my bearings and could not be more … Continue reading surrounded.

Hail Mary

It's as I sit here, aching to grow closer to my Savior and feeling so very distant these past weeks, that I read the readings for today and it dawns on me what a joyous occasion it is! How beautiful is it that in this blur of graduation, summertime, vacation, camps, and other miscellaneous activities, … Continue reading Hail Mary