Through the veil of darkness

All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name. – Psalms 86:9

I’m the first to tell you that I’m scared. I’m scared of our the world and how it has become. I am truly scared and I have been now for what feels like forever. This fear I have been feeling due to violence, disease, injustice, etc. has taken over me. It has made me feel as if God is just letting us go, like he is saying, “lol there’s no hope for you guys so bye”. I just knew we had disappointed Him and I was sickened. I guess I had been thinking that God was scared, but in reality, it’s me that was scared.

This summer I have been to several conferences, different church activities, and even a flipping HILLSONG UNITED concert!!!!!!! And a number of words I have heard to calm my heart in this storm of the world we live in were absolutely unbelievable.

I’ve realized that God doesn’t just save us, he saves us and calls us; calls us to spread his message of love in a world that desperately needs it.  We must shout it from the mountains, preach it in the valleys, and everywhere in between that HE IS GOD & HE IS GOOD.

Because if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.- Romans 10:9

If there is a time to stand up for the church, it is NOW. We need to be unified, for we are one body. Build each other up, help each one get Jesus, to meet him, to love him, and to reach the ultimate goal that is heaven. To be in eternal light with him is the goal; the goal embellished on each human heart. For if you have a beating heart and air filled lungs you are called to share the gospel, to love, and to serve.

We can’t be afraid of the world, that would be silly. We must embrace the earth and its people with open arms and hearts of love. I mean, we say WWJD, well, that’s what he would do! It’s simple; LOVE. It is the only force to drive out hate.

We’re all dry bones longing for a Savior. Waiting for the God of life to put us back together. – Memorial by Ike Ndolo

We are all dry and thirsting for You. Thirsting for a God who longs to quench that thirst. We don’t need to enter an actual war-zone, we have a big enough war going on for our own heart and soul. Since the beginning of time the devil has been fighting, waging a war trying to pull you to the dark side but wow, we have a God greater than anything. If you look at the Bible in Genesis, man lost. We went against God and I feel that’s what many of us are doing now. Like we are stuck in the middle of that war zone and we know there must be an end but it feels like an eternity.Like the end result is either million years away or quite simply never coming. In Revelation, God shows us who is the boss (Revelation 21). Right now it may not feel like it. Our dry bones will turn to ash if we don’t stand up now to profess that He is God. Why would we want ash when we can have beautiful, full functioning, fully worship worthy flesh?? We must trust in Him  We can’t be ashamed, scared, or doubtful.

A faith afraid of people is not a faith at all.- Fr. Thomas Merton

Something that always brings me peace is this: The words do not be afraid are in the Bible 365 time; one time for each day of the year. Isn’t that crazy? Dang, I can’t get over how much God rocks.

A God who breathes stars and gives life to man. A God who always, always, always wins…is on our side!!!!. If that doesn’t blow you away, I don’t know what will. God isn’t in Heaven right now freaking out over the outcome over the world, so we shouldn’t be worried either.

God, I pray we never forget you are calling us each day. That we never forget you love You and with that love of you that we may love others. In the dark world let us be the ones to show your glory. May we step into your light and live put your love. AMEN

Earth has no 

sorrow that 


can’t heal. 


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