Lent day 7: Music to my…Heart?

Gospel of the day: Luke 11:29-32

You know how they say “music to my ears”? Well, tonight I was at The Lumineers concert (hence the late post) and I realized that there is something more special than we think about music.

Love, we need it now. Let’s hope for some ’cause, oh, we’re bleeding out.-The Lumineers, Ho Hey

When the bass drops and everyone screams, you feel it. You feel the vibration of the stadium deep in your body and it’s moving. It’s a comfort to know that music is always there, in our hearts.

You know what else is always in our hearts? Jesus.

Just as the we buy concert tickets, travel hours, and scream like crazy fans ,it’s all because we desire this connection. A connection to feel secure in difficult times. We crave words to express a situation when we simply can’t get the words out. All we want is a safe haven. A conecert hall filled with those who have a strong similarity is inspiring.

All my life I was blind. I was blind ,but now I see.” –The Lumineers, Big Parade

The feeling we receive from music is an unexplainable one. It gives us a reassurance that everything will be okay.

I believe that if you have a gift, music for example, you should use that gift for good. Everyone has a voice in the world, and just as voice is important, but if someone is in the place where other people listen, THEY MUST SPEAK UP.

Use music to make a difference. It’s mind blowing how big of impact music has on our lives , so if you have a gift of music, use it for the glory of God!!

If the Lord gave you a gift, it is for a reason. Music is not just meant for our ears, but for our hearts.

Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good; sing to his name, for it is pleasant! ” – Psalm 135:3


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