Lent day 9: Right and Just

Gospel of the day: Matthew 5:20-26

(I’m very tired so this is probably going to be very short and very bad)

In today’s 1st reading, Ezekiel 18:21-28, we hear God explain that when the wicked turn away from their sins, all their sins will be forgotten.

All of them.

I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s crazy. It’s crazy how someone who lives a life in sin and evil, who would be considered the least of society, can not only turn away from evil, but then go and live a virtuous life. Imagine forgiving a person who has killed all your family memebers (I know that sucks). This person has taken everyone you loved most in this world away from you. What would you do?

Would you forgive the person before their sought to live a righteous life? Or would you only forgive after they began to live virtuously? Maybe you would never forgive them.

That’s what is so awesome about our God. He rejoices in knowing when we do good. It doesn’t matter how much we’ve sinned nor how grave of a sin it is, as long as we ask for forgiveness and turn away from the chains of evil.


Then you will understand what is right and just and fair—every good path.” Proverbs 2:9

On the flip side, we hear about those who have fallen away from God and virtue and into sin.

How can one who has lived such a virtuous life, be cast to death just by beginning on a path to sin? Are all their good deeds forgotten? To God, good is good and bad is bad. God is merciful and if we ask for mercy, it is given. If we assume mercy will fall upon us even when we continue to sin, it’s on us when we are denied entry into heaven.

Courage demands courage, constant effor, and above all, help from on high.” -St. John Vianney

With all this said, it’s simple. Lord tells us to, “Do what is right and just.” If we abide by this rule of righteousness, we WILL have eternal life.


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