Lent day 11: Do What You Say (Obey)

Gospel of the day: Luke 6:36-38 

The first reading today comes from the book of Daniel. It’s a passage on admitting our disobedience to the Lord. Admitting that we have sinned. Admitting that we have chosen to look away from the Light and acknowledge the darkness.

When talking to my sister about this reading, we discussed which parts stuck out to us (Lectio Devina). For me, it was Daniel 9:6, “We have not listened to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, our princes, and our ancestors, and to all the people of the land.” 

This stuck out to me for the fact that it is acknowledging not only our lack of obedience to God, but how we wrongfully choose to disobey our own brothers and sisters in Christ.

God has a plan for every single person on this Earth. He has sent prophets for thousands of years to hold covenants, spread His word, and die defending the faith. The sad part is- we ignore the prophets. Our own ignorance has blinded us from the fact that God sends everybody in your life for a person. A popular quote says, “you were either in my life as a blessing or a lesson”. These prophets are blessings. Allow those around you to bring you closer to Christ. To get insight on how others grow intimate bonds with our Creator and how to better love one another.

When I asked my sister what stood out to her, she said it was Daniel 9:5, “we have sinned and done wrong, acted wickedly and rebelled, turning aside from your commandments and laws.” 

This stood out to her because just prior to this verse, the people were exclaiming, “Ah, Lord, great and awesome God.” 

From the words of my sister: “As followers we openly proclaim the word of our Savior and King, yet inside our hearts we still choose to sin and go against Him. Our God has made such sacrifices for His people, but darkness still prevails and sin penetrates our lives. This may seem like a fault in society, but on the cross, Jesus knew we were sinners and chose to look past that. We may fail a test in our spiritual life, but because we know he is our “Great and awesome God”, we can and will get right back up and proclaim His merciful works. Our Lord has His laws written in stone. Sometimes we may choose to ignore them out of pure ignorance, so think before you openly disobey the “great and awesome” One who died for all of your nasty little sins.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The message is this: Do what you say and simply obey. 


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