Lent day 15: You Are the Cornerstone

Gospel of the day: Matthew 21:33-43,45-46

Top of the morning to ya, everyone! Wishing you all a big ol’ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! While I was going to write on some rare, less popular facts on St. Patrick, I saw that many, many, many others have had the same idea to do that today. So instead, I went to today’s Gospel to find some inspiration.

Now, it may be far fetched, but when i think of Ireland, I think of stones. I think of old stone buildings and endless cobblestone pathways (I may be totally wrong, but don’t burst my bubble).

While reading today’s Gospel, there was a verse where, after telling the Parable of the Wicked Tenets, Jesus says,‘Have you never read in the scriptures: “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone;his was the Lord’s doing, and it is amazing in our eyes”? If you did not know, this verse was originally found in Psalms 118:22. 

This verse got me thinking about how without a cornerstone, a whole structure would collapse. Just as without God in our lives, we slowly end up collapsing. This is what is so magnificent about our God, that He is there for us to lean on. He is the structure and rock in our life when our lives seem to be going in any other direction than towards Him.

Today while I was talking to my best friend, Catherine (hey girl hey), we were going over old journals, quotes, and times of placing all of our trust in God despite the pressures of this world and feeling like nothing will ever work out. One quote that she sent me was:

Bad situations without God break you, but with God they make you.”

There is so much truth in this quote and the fact is, that when we give up on that one cornerstone that hold up our lives…it will break. These stones are fragile and everything will crumble without the support of God. There is nothing in this world that could possibly compare to the strength and comfort found in Our Savior.

A song that I heard a few years ago (2013 to be exact) by Catholic speaker and musician, Jackie Francois Angel, has been embedded in my mind since this November night. It’s called Cornerstone (surprise, surprise) and explains the importance of building our lives on God.

You are the cornerstone, The rock on which we stand. You are the cornerstone; We build our lives in your hands.” – Cornerstone by Jackie Francois Angel

I think that on this Saint Patrick’s Day 2017, it should be used as a time to reflect and see how trusting we our that God is our cornerstone. Did you reject Him? Or are you accepting of Him? Here’s a hint: One of those works better than the other… Guess which one.


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