Lent day 26: Overpack

Gospel of the day: John 5:31-47

Packing is not my strong suit. I’m the fist to admit, I’m an over-packer. When I’m only going away for a night or two, you’d think I was leaving for a week. I tend to be “over prepared”, but that got me thinking. Am I overpacking on things of this earth and failing to pack what is needed to get to Heaven?

As I was bringing my suitcase down to my mom, she was appalled. How could I not fit all my clothes into this suitcase? I was expecting everything to work the way I wanted it to. I wanted everything to conform to my rules and go my way. That’s not the case.

Often, we find ourselves trying to cram everything the way we want it to be. We try to manipulate time, work, and even people. We find ourselves overpacking for the shortest of trips..(metaphorically) I realized that my tendency to stuff all these “necessities”, wasn’t needed. I only need one thing: JESUS.

“My soul, wait in silence for God only, For my hope is from Him.”- Psalm 62:5

I  want you to remember that God is enough. I know you may be preparing for all that life has to throw at you, but sometimes, it’s better to trust in Him, than to trust in ourselves. Correction: It’s ALWAYS better to trust in Him.

So stop overpacking. Focus on the simplicity found in God and God alone and all the worries will skedaddle.


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